Morcheeba And Their New Material

The South London-based trio of brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey plus vocalist Skye Edwards are one of those bands which, fortunately, don’t need a massive hit single. Morcheeba will always be eternally cool and popular to a large amount of music fans because they’ve got a unique sound and, of course, are good at what they do.

‘Otherwise’, is the trio’s first number from their latest ‘Charango’ album, which the band themselves have pretentiously described as musical cannibalism for the modern era.

To the layman, this basically means a string-laden lament that’s supplemented with a trip-hop beat, all of which is wrapped-up in the Godfreys’ lush and much sought-after production sheen.

“It’s Bollywood inspired a little and it’s all lovely” said Skye who spoke to the press lately.

Skye’s breathy vocals are as seductive as ever, if a little too similar to past glories for comfort, but the touches of Serge Gainsbourg-ish and Bollywood-style instrumentation certainly make ‘Otherwise’ worth investigating and definitely purchasing.

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