Rik Waller Going Garage

Pop Idol runner-up Rik Waller has revealed that he’s planning to record a garage track.

Speaking to a webzine on the 24th of June the day his Labi Siffre cover, ‘Something So Strong’, is released as a single, Rik revealed that he’s in talks with a couple of DJs about recording a song that would be released to the clubs later in the year “The song hasn’t been written yet, but I’ve been talking to a couple of DJs. We’re going to get together and do something.”

Rik also explained his desire to avoid being musically pigeonholed. “You can’t specialise too much otherwise people will start thinking of you as one particular sort of person,” he explained. “I’ve never been someone who’d go for just one kind of music and neglecting all the others. There’s so many wonderful types of music out there you can’t afford to stick to just one. That’s why my album, ‘From Now’, is a complete mixture of absolutely everything.”

Despite reports earlier this year, claiming he’d teamed-up with former Take That star Gary Barlow, Rik says his erstwhile pal’s contribution hasn’t been included this time round. “For this album, we couldn’t arrange for Gary Barlow to join in, but he’ll be on the second one,” he revealed. “That’s going to be pretty much something that we’re going to be working on for the next year. It’s all lined-up and ready to start.”

‘From Now’, which features ‘Something So Strong and Rik’s debut single, ‘I Will Always Love You’, is set to be released on the 8th of July.

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