Jessica Simpson Heads Herself Towards A New Musical Direction

Pop hitmaker Jessica Simpson has revealed that she’s bored being a teen star and wants to head her music in a new direction.

Speaking to, the Britney look-a-like, who released her ‘Irresistible’ album in the UK last year, revealed that she was busy writing material herself “My new record that I’m working on right now, it’s going to be called ‘In This Skin’ and it’s just about my life. I get to write it, which is the first time I’ve been able to write my own music, and it’s going to be very inspirational.”

Jessica also explained that the sound of the material will be majorly way different to the pop tracks fans have been used to “My album’s going to be very musical, all live instruments, no programmed stuff. I want my voice to be able to shine for the first time.”

‘In This Skin’ will be freed and found in music shops later on in the year.

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