Rik Waller’s Not Losing But Gaining Weight

Rik Waller is piling on the pounds rather than losing them during his stay in the TV series, Celebrity Fit Club. Rik is one of a number of bulky showbiz figures who are trying to slim for the forthcoming series.

Big Rik went to weigh himself this week on the scales at Champneys Health Farm in Hertfordshire and discovered he’d put on 10 lbs!

Said a source “Rik was very upset. He fled to his room and wouldn’t come out.”

The other celebrity contestants on the show include DJ Jono Coleman and Tory MP Ann Widdecombe.

The producers of the show are the same people who made Fat Club but they have changed the title of the new show to Fit Club, fearing that, otherwise, celebrities wouldn’t have taken part.

Rik Waller Going Garage

Pop Idol runner-up Rik Waller has revealed that he’s planning to record a garage track.

Speaking to a webzine on the 24th of June the day his Labi Siffre cover, ‘Something So Strong’, is released as a single, Rik revealed that he’s in talks with a couple of DJs about recording a song that would be released to the clubs later in the year “The song hasn’t been written yet, but I’ve been talking to a couple of DJs. We’re going to get together and do something.”

Rik also explained his desire to avoid being musically pigeonholed. “You can’t specialise too much otherwise people will start thinking of you as one particular sort of person,” he explained. “I’ve never been someone who’d go for just one kind of music and neglecting all the others. There’s so many wonderful types of music out there you can’t afford to stick to just one. That’s why my album, ‘From Now’, is a complete mixture of absolutely everything.”

Despite reports earlier this year, claiming he’d teamed-up with former Take That star Gary Barlow, Rik says his erstwhile pal’s contribution hasn’t been included this time round. “For this album, we couldn’t arrange for Gary Barlow to join in, but he’ll be on the second one,” he revealed. “That’s going to be pretty much something that we’re going to be working on for the next year. It’s all lined-up and ready to start.”

‘From Now’, which features ‘Something So Strong and Rik’s debut single, ‘I Will Always Love You’, is set to be released on the 8th of July.

Rik Waller Thinking Of Entering US Pop Idol

Former Pop Idol contestant Rik Waller is considering locking horns with Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell once again as he considers entering the US version of the show.

Rik said “I’d love to enter the American competition just to annoy Simon. I might go along and audition just to see his face.”

Rik is currently in New York recording his new single, a cover of Labi Siffre’s ‘Something Inside So Strong’. Rik said “I think I have the tools to break the American market. One thing that is becoming increasingly more evident across the world is that people aren’t bothered about plastic pop stars – the ones who care more about their looks than their voice. People are realising that it doesn’t take good looks to be a good singer.”

Rik had to pull out of the final stages of the Pop Idol contest when a sore throat prevented him from performing.

Rik’s first single, ‘I Will Always Love You’ made the Top 10 in the UK.

The US version of Pop Idol is set to be broadcast in America on the Fox network in the summer.

Rik Waller Wants To Shed The Fats

Rik Waller can soon be seen on the small screen yet again after agreeing to be filmed in a celebrity version of the television show ‘Fat Club’. The singer will be joining other ‘challenging waste line’ stars to try and lose the fats.

Rik said, speaking to an online webpage “I’ve been wanting to lose weight for quite some time now and this seems like the wonderful break. I believe it’ll be tough but I sure am determined to finish to get to the end of the show.”

The ‘Pop Idol’ hopeful’s chubby frame will be filmed for six months as the singer endures a gruelling fitness system and is encouraged to assume a more healthy diet.

Other dieting hopefuls besides Rik will include DJ Jono Coleman and ‘Emmerdale’ star Lisa Riley. All of them are set to meet up for the first time later this week ahead of filming schedule for a ‘get-to-know-you’ lunch session.

After his stand-out performance on BBC’s ‘Top Of The Pops’ recently singing his Top 10 sensation ‘I Will Always Love You’, Rik has managed to keep alive his Pop Idol dreams and like previously reported on Pop-Music.com, he will release a full-length album real soon.

Anyway, good luck Rik!

Rik Waller Pleased With No 6 Slot

This week’s UK singles chart sees the arrival of another ‘Pop Idol’ contestant. Rik Waller debuts at a No 6 slot with his cover version of Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston track, ‘I Will Always Love You’. Now, he feels like it was a mistake to release his first effort even before Will’s single show signs of falling from the top position.

“I am more than happy with No 6, to get to No 1 with a debut single is not that often heard of, apart from Westlife and Will. I just love the fact that I am in the charts and that people can now go out and buy my record. The chances of me having another hit are now strengthened because it is at No 6 and is the highest new entry”.Rik, the flu-laden ‘Pop Idol’ finalist, whose next single will be out sometime in May followed by his virgin album two weeks later, has revealed that Gary Barlow of Take That fame is indeed writing songs for him. “Gary is a brilliant songwriter and I’d love to sing his tunes”. In addition to Gary Barlow, he has met approximately 70 songwriters who are prepared to compose tracks for him. “There are a lot of other famous ones but I can’t tell you who they are just as yet.”

Just how different is his solo effort going to be? Sounds like it’s going to be a fusion of styles and influences. There might be a few old songs and probably some new ones written in a classic style, according to Rik.

Critising the dispute between ‘Top Of The Pops’ and Will’s management, Rik said “They can’t afford to upset ‘Top Of The Pops’. It’s a shame some of it will be blamed on Will. It’s a record-breaking single and there should be some concessions made.”