Rik Waller’s Not Losing But Gaining Weight

Rik Waller is piling on the pounds rather than losing them during his stay in the TV series, Celebrity Fit Club. Rik is one of a number of bulky showbiz figures who are trying to slim for the forthcoming series.

Big Rik went to weigh himself this week on the scales at Champneys Health Farm in Hertfordshire and discovered he’d put on 10 lbs!

Said a source “Rik was very upset. He fled to his room and wouldn’t come out.”

The other celebrity contestants on the show include DJ Jono Coleman and Tory MP Ann Widdecombe.

The producers of the show are the same people who made Fat Club but they have changed the title of the new show to Fit Club, fearing that, otherwise, celebrities wouldn’t have taken part.

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