Rik Waller Wants To Shed The Fats

Rik Waller can soon be seen on the small screen yet again after agreeing to be filmed in a celebrity version of the television show ‘Fat Club’. The singer will be joining other ‘challenging waste line’ stars to try and lose the fats.

Rik said, speaking to an online webpage “I’ve been wanting to lose weight for quite some time now and this seems like the wonderful break. I believe it’ll be tough but I sure am determined to finish to get to the end of the show.”

The ‘Pop Idol’ hopeful’s chubby frame will be filmed for six months as the singer endures a gruelling fitness system and is encouraged to assume a more healthy diet.

Other dieting hopefuls besides Rik will include DJ Jono Coleman and ‘Emmerdale’ star Lisa Riley. All of them are set to meet up for the first time later this week ahead of filming schedule for a ‘get-to-know-you’ lunch session.

After his stand-out performance on BBC’s ‘Top Of The Pops’ recently singing his Top 10 sensation ‘I Will Always Love You’, Rik has managed to keep alive his Pop Idol dreams and like previously reported on Pop-Music.com, he will release a full-length album real soon.

Anyway, good luck Rik!

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