Work Has Begun On Eve’s Third LP

Eve, right now, doesn’t have it all atlased out but she knows what she has to do with her third album. “I’ve got to step it up. It has to be some other type of hip-hop,” she said, talking to an online music-zine.

“This is my third album and I want to do things that I would do on my fifth album but I know I can’t take it there yet,” Eve said. “I’m more excited about this album than I was about my first. My second album was a hard project because I was going through so much. It was my second year in the game, and I was just trying to figure out, ‘Is this really what I want?’ I just was bogged down with so much stress. Now I’m focused and I’m happy.”

The beautiful ‘Who’s That Girl’ vocalist said that she plans on getting a couple of female instrumentalists. “I want an all-girl band. They can be all the same or diverse. I’ve never had a band. It’ll take me awhile to get it together. I would like to explore it, just experiment. I don’t know if they’ll be on my tour but I would like to incorporate that because I’m just not a rapper, I’m an artist. Artistically, I feel like I’ve grown so much. I just love music as a whole. Hip-hop, I love pop, I love alternative and I’m trying to feed myself artistically.”Eve, who has just finished shooting two movies, talked about one of her new numbers “It’s called ‘Irresistible Bitch’. That’s a Prince remake. We’re hoping to get Prince on the record. I don’t know if it will occur. But it’s sizzling. It’s different and it’s a dance track. It’s not regular hip-hop and I love it.”

Although Eve has a name for the new opus, she’s not divulging it until she runs it by her people but she did say she plans on releasing it either in July or August 2002.

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