The Calling And Their New Guitarist

Since the departure of guitarist Sean Woolstenhulme, The Calling has yet to free a comment about the band’s situation.

Lead singer, Alex Band, finally shattered the silence in an email to fans found on their mailing list. The band is currently in London to promote their debut album, ‘Camino Palmero’, an album that I rate as superb.

Anyway, in the email, Alex said “Although the news came as a shock to us… we love Sean and wish him the best. There are no bad vibes between us even though he now will be playing with Lifehouse, a band I once respected.”

He continues saying “I want to assure you all that this will not affect our band, our touring, our progress or anything whatsoever. It’s a pain in the ass and it sucks, to be honest, but we’ll be fine. We’re getting a new guitarist next week that you all will be the first to hear about, promise. It will be funny considering whoever we chose, this person’s first show will be to over one hundered thousand people in Europe! He’ll be peeing in his pants for sure!”

Looks like the band is still in high spirits after all which is cool.

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