P Diddy Shuns Jury Duty

Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs has managed to avoid serving jury duty in New York. The rap mogul was called to the Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday, but missed a spot in the jury box after claiming that he’d have problems being impartial.

Sean Combs arrived at the court at 9:30 am, sporting a Met cap and Tom Seaver jersey. He then went into a room with 20 other potential jurors for a personal injury case. The Bad Boy records boss apparently annoyed the other jurors by speaking loudly on a mobile phone.

The lawyers then asked the potential jurors if they’d have a problem being impartial, Diddy said he would, and was excused from the panel.

He was later questioned for another personal injury case, and was sent home around noon with a ‘call-in-card,’ which meant that he had to return to the court on Wednesday morning to see if he was needed.

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