Craig David The Player

The Daily Echo reports that Craig David has reportedly dumped his former love interest, South African supermodel Roxy Ingram, who he met soon after a one-off free gig at Hampshire’s Rose Bowl.

His latest relationship with the 24year old American, Summer Altice began when he whisked the leggy model off to Paris for a romantic break. He’s been seeing her eversince.

Craig David Thinks Eminem And Mandy Moore Can Act

Craig David refuted reports that he was planning to launch a film career. He told the press recently, “Making three-minute promo videos lets me act and it’s great fun, but that will do me for now. I’ve seen those stars assume they can go straight into acting and I can’t help thinking they would have been better sticking to the day job.

“The only recent exception I can think of is Eminem, who was brilliant in ‘Eight Mile’ and of course, the wonderful Mandy Moore in ‘A Walk To Remember’.”

Lazy Craig David Shaves His Goatee Off

Craig David has shaved off that infamous goatee of his. Why? Apparently he said he was lazy.

Earlier this week, he unveiled his new look at a charity do at London’s Old Vic this week, and told the press “I just fancied a change and I really like it. If you’re going to have a beard, you can’t do it half-heartedly.”

It has been said that the garage groover used to spend 40 minutes a day styling his chin growth. He’s sick and tried of having to do it day in and day out.

“I’m a lazy fellah you know. It was all fine in the beginning but lately, I just got plain lazy having to do the same routine I go through just to keep that goatee of mine.”

Craig David And Women

Craig David recently sat down and talked about girls with reporters.

“I’ve seen so many beautiful girls just in the last five minutes! Man, they blow your mind! But sometimes having the opportunity to make the move is difficult” he confesses.

He finds it “quite surreal” to be propositioned by girls when the memory is so fresh of being rejected at school because of his weight. “Back in the day you would gel with this girl, but she’s not into you physically.”

“I never understood how they could love the personality and the vibe, but not be into you physically.”

Craig David And Jennifer Lopez

Craig David talked to MTV about his new album ‘Slicker Than Your Average’. Craig said that while he was unable to work with Jennifer Lopez on this album, he’d love to take her up on an offer to collaborate in the future.

“She’s a sweetheart” Craig said. “She’s super you know once that finishin’ off the album and tryin’ to get enough time to do it. In the future it will be a beautiful thing. I think we could really pull something off I want it to be different than the J Lo and Ja Rule thing, really different.”

Craig David Duets With Sting

Craig and Sting? Now, it may seem an unlikely coupling but even then, apparently, the duet’s said to be a spectacular one. Studio executives who have heard the track reckon it could be the worldwide hit that cements Craig’s growing popularity in America.

The pair secretly recorded ‘Rise And Fall’ in a North London studio two weeks ago. The track, which sees the pair singing about the perils of stardom, features the guitar riff from Sting’s hit ‘Shape Of My Heart’.

Craig loved the original and tried to pen a tune around it a year ago. He sent an early version to Sting who jumped at the chance to team up.

“Craig wrote the track about the dangers of fame and how people blow their chances. It’s an unusual coupling but Sting is a big fan of Craig’s and sees him as a real young talent. The track is a classic and will appeal across the generations. It’ll bring a lot of Sting’s fans to Craig and vice versa. Their voices sound fantastic together.” That came from Craig’s spokesperson.

The song is likely to be released as a single next year and will obviously be found in Craig’s untitled sophomore album which sources say might be out in November.

Craig David Is Not Walking Away And Will Slowly Come Up With LP No.2

Craig David is back in the States on a whistle-stop tour of ten major cities in less than two weeks. This time he’s promoting his latest US release ‘Walking Away’.

While most British acts are being ignored in America, Craig says he’s determined to cash in on the world’s biggest music market.

The two-step/R&B crooner is at No.50 on the US singles chart this week, and he admits he’s grateful for the attention, saying “It’s been amazing to see how the American audience have started to embrace what I’ve been doing. They’ve been very kind. Whenever I do a show, there’s always something, some thongs being thrown up.”

“Most of the time I usually humour it, and because I’m never really in one place long enough to kind of go with the full chat-up line since I’m always being ushered off” he said, speaking to the press.

“So it always kind of gets to the point ‘Yeah, yeah! We’ll see how it goes, yeah.’ Next thing I know, I’m in some next place doing something else so I kind of get away with it which is cool.”

Craig has exclusively revealed that he is indeed putting the finishing touches to his second album, but reckons he’s in no actual hurry. He said “I don’t want to rush the second album in any way. I want to make sure that it’s a progression from ‘Born To Do It’, which I think naturally it will be just from things I’ve experienced. I’m working with the same people as on the first album, also with Fraser T Smith who I do my acoustic performances with and some other guys in the UK.”

Craig David and Justin Timberlake to Duet

Wherever Craig David goes, he seems to be making a lot of fans and setting their charts on fire. And by fans, I mean even everyone who’s just about anybody in the music industry is just dying to work with the ‘Walking Away’ garage sensation who burst into the scenes last year and became an household name everywhere with that infectious track of his ‘Can You Fill Me In?’.

Craig, who now seems to be putting on a bit of weight ever since stepping foot into the US, has had a long list of artistes to choose from as to who he could do a duet with. And today, we can finally tell you that he has made his choice in the form of Britney’s virgin boyfriend, Justin Timberlake from N’Sync.

The ‘Rendezvous’ star from Southampton is the reason why N’Sync decided to adopt the two-step sound you hear on their new ‘Celebrity’ album.

At the moment, details are pretty sketchy but the boys’ collaboration will most probably appear on Craig David’s new album, which will be out in stores sometime in the autumn.