Craig David Is Not Walking Away And Will Slowly Come Up With LP No.2

Craig David is back in the States on a whistle-stop tour of ten major cities in less than two weeks. This time he’s promoting his latest US release ‘Walking Away’.

While most British acts are being ignored in America, Craig says he’s determined to cash in on the world’s biggest music market.

The two-step/R&B crooner is at No.50 on the US singles chart this week, and he admits he’s grateful for the attention, saying “It’s been amazing to see how the American audience have started to embrace what I’ve been doing. They’ve been very kind. Whenever I do a show, there’s always something, some thongs being thrown up.”

“Most of the time I usually humour it, and because I’m never really in one place long enough to kind of go with the full chat-up line since I’m always being ushered off” he said, speaking to the press.

“So it always kind of gets to the point ‘Yeah, yeah! We’ll see how it goes, yeah.’ Next thing I know, I’m in some next place doing something else so I kind of get away with it which is cool.”

Craig has exclusively revealed that he is indeed putting the finishing touches to his second album, but reckons he’s in no actual hurry. He said “I don’t want to rush the second album in any way. I want to make sure that it’s a progression from ‘Born To Do It’, which I think naturally it will be just from things I’ve experienced. I’m working with the same people as on the first album, also with Fraser T Smith who I do my acoustic performances with and some other guys in the UK.”

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