Oops, There Goes Tweet’s Tour

The headline of this article was what R&B stunning newcomer Tweet was forced to say a while back when she and Glenn Lewis cancelled their co-headlining performances.

Sometime in early April, Tweet announced that she had her heart set on going out on the road with the soulful Glenn Lewis, after turning down opening spots on the summer tours of such big-time acts such as Usher and Musiq.

With Tweet’s popular, autoerotic anthem ‘Oops (Oh My)’ and Glenn’s soulful, Stevie Wonder-esque ‘Don’t You Forget It’, both such popular tracks on the airwaves of urban radio, the tour seemed like a must for the two of them. The duo had planned a 24-city U.S. club tour that would kick off in Kansas City, Missouri, on the 12th of May and would have come to a close on the 28th of June in Cincinnati.

However, merely days before all of the festivities kicked off, almost the entire tour was scrapped. A swift survey of the proposed venues suggested that soft ticket sales may have been the culprit, though when asked what happened, the managements for both acts declined to comment. Spokepeople from both camps have persistently insisted that the tour will be rescheduled real soon, though no dates or specific plans have been finalized.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out Tweet’s brand new single, entitled ‘Call Me’ and it’s a gorgeous number, occupied with the Timbaland sounds and rather smooth Indian beats. You’re bound to like this offering of hers which will certainly grow on you after a while, that’s for sure. I’m giving it 4 stars out of 5. A good sophomore effort.

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