Craig David Duets With Sting

Craig and Sting? Now, it may seem an unlikely coupling but even then, apparently, the duet’s said to be a spectacular one. Studio executives who have heard the track reckon it could be the worldwide hit that cements Craig’s growing popularity in America.

The pair secretly recorded ‘Rise And Fall’ in a North London studio two weeks ago. The track, which sees the pair singing about the perils of stardom, features the guitar riff from Sting’s hit ‘Shape Of My Heart’.

Craig loved the original and tried to pen a tune around it a year ago. He sent an early version to Sting who jumped at the chance to team up.

“Craig wrote the track about the dangers of fame and how people blow their chances. It’s an unusual coupling but Sting is a big fan of Craig’s and sees him as a real young talent. The track is a classic and will appeal across the generations. It’ll bring a lot of Sting’s fans to Craig and vice versa. Their voices sound fantastic together.” That came from Craig’s spokesperson.

The song is likely to be released as a single next year and will obviously be found in Craig’s untitled sophomore album which sources say might be out in November.

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