Anastacia’s Busy Work Schedule

To promote Tuesday’s US release of her second album for Epic Records, ‘Freak Of Nature’ which has already sold several million copies in Europe, Anastacia will do 10 days of TV appearances.

Commenting on the hectic pop star schedule, Anastacia, whose fans include Elton John, said “People always say being a pop star is all about glamour. Well, come with me for one week, and you’ll see. Seriously, there’s nothing glamorous about it. We’re in a different country, a different hotel, a different bed, every day, and you’re working at least, a minimum of 15 hours a day, every day.”

“See, a typical day in Europe would be, like, we’d do a TV show in England at 6 in the morning, another show at noon in Scotland, press conference in Paris at 4 pm, and then back to London for a show that very night. And that’s just one day.”

“Come to think of it, my new home is the inside of a plane. I haven’t had a vacation, even a weekend off, in 2 1/2 years” the pretty singer who was named Best Pop Artist at last year’s MTV Europe Awards said.

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