Madonna’s Not Up For Grabs And To Play A Lesbian

Bad news for Madonna who was hoping to star in the movie version of her current play Up For Grabs. The pop queen may have to fend off Nicole Kidman who is being considered for the role.

Madge is in the final week of her West End run in the play where she plays a scrupulous art dealer called Loren. She’s been hoping to play the part on the big screen but the play’s author, David Williamson, wants to rope in Nicole Kidman as the star.

Meanwhile, Madonna is to set yet another precedent in her latest role as Bond girl in the new action flick ‘Die Another Day’. The sultry singer has demanded that her character, a feisty fencer, be a lesbian simply because she doesn’t want to kiss star Pierce Brosnan in the script.

She insisted that her character must, therefore, be gay and apparently it seems that the Queen of Pop has got her way.

An insider told the Star “She is practically the only female in the film who doesn’t canoodle with Bond, although it wasn’t because she isn’t considered sexy enough to be classic Bond girl material. Madonna likes to be controversial. She’s getting a real kick out of the idea that she is the first lesbian Bond girl.”

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