Jack Osbourne Dating British Aspiring Pop Star, Catalina Guirado

People are pretty puzzled over this pair-up since he’s a roly-poly, spotty, spectacled geek and he has managed to bag himself a British beauty.

Ozzy Osbourne’s son, Jack, star of my favourite MTV fly-on-the-wall show, ‘The Osbournes’ has been seen publicly romancing attractive British model Catalina Guirado.

It’s been reported that Jack has been helping her launch a pop career in LA and the pair have been seen on dates. He’s writing songs for the girl and friends say that they’re pratically inseparable.

Just about everyone knows who Jack is. But just who is Catalina? Well, she started out in showbiz on Chris Evan’s ‘TFI Friday’. She was the looker who threw herself at ugly blokes on the Friday night series, only to end up being given the knock-back.

She says “Jack is a sweet guy and really knows his stuff. He’s very talented. I’m taking him out and showing him a good time. Yes, we’re dating, but in an American sense. Make of that what you will.”

It’s said that it’s not the first time eye-catching Catalina has gone for someone with specs appeal. She went out with her boss, TFI’s host Chris Evans, when they worked together and has also dated Prodigy’s Liam Howlett and actor Rufus Sewell.

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