Anastacia May Get To Sing At The Oscars

The LA Daily News spoke with Anastacia who attended the gala premiere of ‘Chicago’ at the Academy Theatre in Beverly Hills last Tuesday night.

The singer, who performs the title song, enthused, “I’m from Chicago, and I just can’t believe my luck. If the song gets nominated, I get to sing at the Oscars!”

It should open in cinemas for Asia and Europe in early 2003.

Anastacia Eyes London

Anastacia may follow Madonna’s footsteps and move to London. According to reports, she’s been thinking about it for some time.

She said “I’ve always considered moving to London. However the other side of the street driving is really disconcerting!”

Despite being a native New Yorker, Anastacia has had a tough time trying to crack the US market while she’s found bigger appreciation in Europe than in the US. But then again, her song ‘One Day In Your Life’ is pretty huge Stateside so I’m thinking Anastacia should stick it out there longer.

Anastacia said “My album just came out a month ago in America, so it would be nice if I could go there for a week to promote and then come back in three months and be a superstar! But America’s too greedy and they don’t allow you to do that, they make you stay in their country for long periods of time!”

Anastacia Got Knighted By Sir Elton John

He may be rock royalty of a sort but that doesn’t give him the power Anastacia thinks he has. The American vocalistress reckons she has been knighted because Sir Elton John kissed her navel.

The bespectacled star told the press “He did the common air kissing on the cheeks, then got on one knee and kissed me on the midriff backstage after one of my shows.”

“You know, I didn’t know what to do. Do I kiss his ring, do I kiss his midriff? What level do we take this to? Ever since then, I’ve been telling everyone I’ve been knighted by Sir Elton John. It’s an American knighthood as far as I’m concerned.”

Anastacia’s new single ‘Why’d You Lie To Me’ will be out in a few weeks time. Her ‘One Day In Your Life’ is making huge buzzes in the States right now.

Anastacia’s Busy Work Schedule

To promote Tuesday’s US release of her second album for Epic Records, ‘Freak Of Nature’ which has already sold several million copies in Europe, Anastacia will do 10 days of TV appearances.

Commenting on the hectic pop star schedule, Anastacia, whose fans include Elton John, said “People always say being a pop star is all about glamour. Well, come with me for one week, and you’ll see. Seriously, there’s nothing glamorous about it. We’re in a different country, a different hotel, a different bed, every day, and you’re working at least, a minimum of 15 hours a day, every day.”

“See, a typical day in Europe would be, like, we’d do a TV show in England at 6 in the morning, another show at noon in Scotland, press conference in Paris at 4 pm, and then back to London for a show that very night. And that’s just one day.”

“Come to think of it, my new home is the inside of a plane. I haven’t had a vacation, even a weekend off, in 2 1/2 years” the pretty singer who was named Best Pop Artist at last year’s MTV Europe Awards said.

Anastacia Don’t Know Football

She’s singing the official tournament anthem for the FIFA World Cup, but Anastacia barely knows about the sport or even who Pele is!

The American dazzler who was picked by FIFA to perform her track, ‘Boom’, in front of nearly a billion people before the finals on the 30th of June, told the papers that she hasn’t the slightest idea who the Brazilian football legend was.

She said “I first performed ‘Boom’ at the World Cup draw in South Korea last December. I was really nervous because I knew the whole world was watching. I was determined not to mess up. Afterwards I was introduced to ‘Pay-lay.’ Then I knew he was a footballer but that was it. I don’t know everything.”

The ‘One Day In Your Life’ singer added “Being an American, we’re not that savvy about football or soccer as we call it. I don’t understand the game. They stop it all the time and I never know why. I don’t know the European game of soccer but I do know the passion behind the sport. That’s what I understand. I’m still amazed they picked me. ‘Pay-lay’ was standing next to me and talking to me plus all.”

Anastacia Is A Freak of Nature

After giving us ‘Paid My Dues’, Anastacia’s back once more with her second single that can be found on her sophomore full-length recording from Epic Records, ‘Freak Of Nature’. Called ‘One Day In Your Life’, it’s one of those songs that seem to get stuck in your head once you hear it, especially the part where she sings the title.

The Chicago-born, New York raised singer who co-wrote 12 songs on her follow-up LP which by the way has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide and counting, used to be called freak of nature by her mother because of Anastacia’s voice that simply don’t match the way she looks.Set for even bigger things in the future, Anastacia and that mesmerizing voice of hers will be recognised by even more people when she sings the new World Cup 2002 theme song entitled ‘Boom’ which she wrote for the occasion with Glen Ballard. Who knows, the World Cup song might do the same for Anastacia as it did for Ricky Martin way back in 1998. ‘Boom’ will be available on the ‘International Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup’ which will be out around late May just about the same time when the World Cup fever starts to kick in.

Anyway, ‘One Day In Your Life’ is a pretty cool number that I would give 3 stars out of 5. Worth listening to.