Anastacia Got Knighted By Sir Elton John

He may be rock royalty of a sort but that doesn’t give him the power Anastacia thinks he has. The American vocalistress reckons she has been knighted because Sir Elton John kissed her navel.

The bespectacled star told the press “He did the common air kissing on the cheeks, then got on one knee and kissed me on the midriff backstage after one of my shows.”

“You know, I didn’t know what to do. Do I kiss his ring, do I kiss his midriff? What level do we take this to? Ever since then, I’ve been telling everyone I’ve been knighted by Sir Elton John. It’s an American knighthood as far as I’m concerned.”

Anastacia’s new single ‘Why’d You Lie To Me’ will be out in a few weeks time. Her ‘One Day In Your Life’ is making huge buzzes in the States right now.

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