Anastacia Don’t Know Football

She’s singing the official tournament anthem for the FIFA World Cup, but Anastacia barely knows about the sport or even who Pele is!

The American dazzler who was picked by FIFA to perform her track, ‘Boom’, in front of nearly a billion people before the finals on the 30th of June, told the papers that she hasn’t the slightest idea who the Brazilian football legend was.

She said “I first performed ‘Boom’ at the World Cup draw in South Korea last December. I was really nervous because I knew the whole world was watching. I was determined not to mess up. Afterwards I was introduced to ‘Pay-lay.’ Then I knew he was a footballer but that was it. I don’t know everything.”

The ‘One Day In Your Life’ singer added “Being an American, we’re not that savvy about football or soccer as we call it. I don’t understand the game. They stop it all the time and I never know why. I don’t know the European game of soccer but I do know the passion behind the sport. That’s what I understand. I’m still amazed they picked me. ‘Pay-lay’ was standing next to me and talking to me plus all.”

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