Red Hot Chilli Peppers Expect New LP Out In August

The next Red Hot Chilli Peppers full-length release will be called ‘By The Way’ of which will spawn their first number of the same name, which just made its entry onto the Billboard charts, coming in at a No.55 slot.

Lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, has told MTV the album was supposed to arrive in shops sometime around June but because he feels that together with the rest of his band, studio time clocked up was longer than expected, so now the album’s slated to drop somewhere in August.

‘By The Way’ will be their first album since 1999’s fantastic ‘Californication’.

A while back, Red Hot Chili Peppers released an LP entitled ‘The Hits’ in order to create a bit of word of mouth before their next album arrives. Now here’s where it gets interesting or rather frustrating if you will. ‘The Hits’ will not be available for sale. It was fashioned by the rockers’ label, Warner Music, as a promotional item only before the release of their new studio set ‘By The Way’.

‘The Hits’ will be used for retail and media promotions and only be available via contests. If you ever manage to get your hands on that, be sure to hold on to it real well. That’s definitely an instant collectors item.

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