Anastacia Eyes London

Anastacia may follow Madonna’s footsteps and move to London. According to reports, she’s been thinking about it for some time.

She said “I’ve always considered moving to London. However the other side of the street driving is really disconcerting!”

Despite being a native New Yorker, Anastacia has had a tough time trying to crack the US market while she’s found bigger appreciation in Europe than in the US. But then again, her song ‘One Day In Your Life’ is pretty huge Stateside so I’m thinking Anastacia should stick it out there longer.

Anastacia said “My album just came out a month ago in America, so it would be nice if I could go there for a week to promote and then come back in three months and be a superstar! But America’s too greedy and they don’t allow you to do that, they make you stay in their country for long periods of time!”

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