Jay-Z’s Beyonce Knowles Didn’t Initially Like Her Own Name

The lead singer for Destiny’s Child, Beyonce Knowles doesn’t like inheriting her mother’s maiden name.

“I hated my name” she moaned. “I just wanted to blend in. I kept asking, ‘Mama, why is my name Beyonce?’ It was interesting to see how teachers would pronounce it on the first day of school – Bianca, Bee-yonk, Bee-yon-chee”.

“But once I tell people it rhymes with fiance, they get it. I then grew to like it when I realized that many people had the same kind of names and mine’s special.”

In other scorching celebrity date-scene news, looks like Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles of Destiny’s Child really are an item. The New York Post reports the pair have been publicly canoodling all over town the last few days.

Spies caught the two at a hot-and-heavy workout session at a Chelsea Piers Gym ealier last week, then having a romantic dinner at Nobu last Tuesday.

“They showed up in a limousine together, and there was definitely some canoodling over dinner” said a source.

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