Drag Queens Will Love Mya’s New Album

G-funk, drag queens, reggae and a little bit of pop-rock, Mya has the blueprint for making an album, all she had to do was take her time.

“I haven’t been really consistent with recording. I’ve been in and out of the studio, so shoot, I’m using some records I did maybe two years ago. Have been in the studio every chance I get for the fun of it, and I realized, ‘Hey, I need to start recording an album.’ After that I pretty much realized I had 20 songs in my pocket. But rest assured, I’m almost wrapping it up right now.”

The beautiful singer said “I asked people for tracks, I’d vibe on them, write to them. When they came out as great records and the record company liked them, we polished them. That’s what happened. Everything was up in the air, all over the place.”

“It’s well balanced” she proclaimed. “I’m not saying, ‘F— you, kiss my ass.’ I’m not cursing all over my album, but it’s real. I know lots of females that can appreciate where I’m coming from, and men too.”

By men, she means straight men, gay men and even men who dress up like women. “I have song called ‘Whatever Bitch.’ It’s strictly for the drag queens. I just like to sit and watch them. My dancers introduced me to that world a long time ago. I incorporated some of it in my show, the dancing and the voguing. It’s art, I tell you. And besides, they make wonderful friends.”

The singer, who’s in talks to appear on the next Santana album, said her first single will be out in September, followed by the album in November or December.

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