Mya, Kelly Rowland Spotted In Vegas

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that celebrities are vacationing in Las Vegas this summer. From Enrique Iglesias to Jay Z and No Doubt, now add Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland, Tha Row boss Suge Knight and Mya.

Kelly and Suge were spotted dining at separate tables at N9NE Steak House at the Palms on Sunday. And at the Palms’ ghostbar, Mya and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brandy were spotted dining with separate parties.

Mya On Whether It Was Stressful Auditioning For ‘Chicago’

“You know what the audition process was really strange for me. They asked me to improvise and learn a dance piece within an hour but I was dancing since I was about 3 years old so I guess that condition prepared me” said the very sexy vocalistress Mya when she got asked whether or not it was stressful auditioning for musical ‘Chicago’.

“I was really nervous when I finally got into rehearsals with Catherine, Richard and Queen Latifa. You never think of that going into the situation but it was really educational and I had a good time, you know. So it was all good.”

Drag Queens Will Love Mya’s New Album

G-funk, drag queens, reggae and a little bit of pop-rock, Mya has the blueprint for making an album, all she had to do was take her time.

“I haven’t been really consistent with recording. I’ve been in and out of the studio, so shoot, I’m using some records I did maybe two years ago. Have been in the studio every chance I get for the fun of it, and I realized, ‘Hey, I need to start recording an album.’ After that I pretty much realized I had 20 songs in my pocket. But rest assured, I’m almost wrapping it up right now.”

The beautiful singer said “I asked people for tracks, I’d vibe on them, write to them. When they came out as great records and the record company liked them, we polished them. That’s what happened. Everything was up in the air, all over the place.”

“It’s well balanced” she proclaimed. “I’m not saying, ‘F— you, kiss my ass.’ I’m not cursing all over my album, but it’s real. I know lots of females that can appreciate where I’m coming from, and men too.”

By men, she means straight men, gay men and even men who dress up like women. “I have song called ‘Whatever Bitch.’ It’s strictly for the drag queens. I just like to sit and watch them. My dancers introduced me to that world a long time ago. I incorporated some of it in my show, the dancing and the voguing. It’s art, I tell you. And besides, they make wonderful friends.”

The singer, who’s in talks to appear on the next Santana album, said her first single will be out in September, followed by the album in November or December.

Love Triangle Surrounding Mya, Jay-Z And Blu Cantrell

Sources are now maintaining that Mya, who once was linked to Master P’s brother, Sylk The Shocker, is now dating Jay-Z. It’s said that the two actually met when Jay-Z worked on a song called ‘Best Of Me’ on Mya’s previous album ‘Fear Of Flying’, but that it was not until this year at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy celebrations that the rapper made his moves on the beautiful singer.

Sources claim that the two became “pretty close” over the past few months and that Jay-Z had been paying frequent visits to the singer in Miami where she is recording her upcoming CD.

However, reports also floated up this past weekend that suggest Jay-Z and Blu Cantrell are an item. The two were spotted at multiple New York hotspots apparently “holding hands and cooing”, as the article placed it.

Jay’s publicist, Lizzie Grubman said “I never comment on Jay-Z’s personal life”. Mya’s publicist, Simone Smalls of Susan Blond Inc., issued a firm “No comments”. Blu’s publicist at Arista, on the other hand, said “I do know that they are friends and that they are hanging out and spending some time together, but I wouldn’t say that they are dating”.

Mya Hungry For More Hits

Mya has swiftly grabbed one of the Grammy-winning producers, Missy Elliott, to record some tracks for her third album, all because she’s determined for more “Lady Marmalade”-like sensations, speaking to reporters at the annual Grammy Eve party hosted by Clive Davis.

To this point, the beautiful Mya, who was joined by Pink, Lil’ Kim, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott and even Patti LaBelle for that blast of a performance at the Grammys, has recorded with producers Damon Elliott (Pink, Destiny’s Child) and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart (Sisqo), whose protege Blu Cantrell may also make an appearance on her album that’s most likely slated for a summer release.The gorgeous ‘Case Of The Ex’ vocalist, who released her second album, ‘Fear of Flying’, in 2000, is also writing and producing several songs on her own. “To take a whole load for a whole album on yourself is very challenging and kind of hard to execute when you don’t have a reputation as a producer,” Mya said. “If you do it for fun, you get a good outcome. A lot happens and you end up coming up with a smash and you don’t even know it.”

Besides working in the studios for her brand new LP, Mya has also found the time to lend her smooth vocals to the movie version of the Broadway hit “Chicago”. The cast also include Renee Zellweger, Queen Latifah, Richard Gere and Catherine Zeta Jones, which may be out in a theatre near you sometime around Christmas. So do keep a lookout for that one.

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