Love Triangle Surrounding Mya, Jay-Z And Blu Cantrell

Sources are now maintaining that Mya, who once was linked to Master P’s brother, Sylk The Shocker, is now dating Jay-Z. It’s said that the two actually met when Jay-Z worked on a song called ‘Best Of Me’ on Mya’s previous album ‘Fear Of Flying’, but that it was not until this year at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy celebrations that the rapper made his moves on the beautiful singer.

Sources claim that the two became “pretty close” over the past few months and that Jay-Z had been paying frequent visits to the singer in Miami where she is recording her upcoming CD.

However, reports also floated up this past weekend that suggest Jay-Z and Blu Cantrell are an item. The two were spotted at multiple New York hotspots apparently “holding hands and cooing”, as the article placed it.

Jay’s publicist, Lizzie Grubman said “I never comment on Jay-Z’s personal life”. Mya’s publicist, Simone Smalls of Susan Blond Inc., issued a firm “No comments”. Blu’s publicist at Arista, on the other hand, said “I do know that they are friends and that they are hanging out and spending some time together, but I wouldn’t say that they are dating”.

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