Craig David and Justin Timberlake to Duet

Wherever Craig David goes, he seems to be making a lot of fans and setting their charts on fire. And by fans, I mean even everyone who’s just about anybody in the music industry is just dying to work with the ‘Walking Away’ garage sensation who burst into the scenes last year and became an household name everywhere with that infectious track of his ‘Can You Fill Me In?’.

Craig, who now seems to be putting on a bit of weight ever since stepping foot into the US, has had a long list of artistes to choose from as to who he could do a duet with. And today, we can finally tell you that he has made his choice in the form of Britney’s virgin boyfriend, Justin Timberlake from N’Sync.

The ‘Rendezvous’ star from Southampton is the reason why N’Sync decided to adopt the two-step sound you hear on their new ‘Celebrity’ album.

At the moment, details are pretty sketchy but the boys’ collaboration will most probably appear on Craig David’s new album, which will be out in stores sometime in the autumn.

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