George Michael & Gareth Gates Battle for Chart Position

Having lost out to Will on Pop Idol, Gareth Gates, 17, is also putting his heart and soul to start his life as a pop star. Just like Will, Simon Cowell provided Gareth with a recording contract too and come 18th of March 2002, get set for the nail biting chart action to take place.

Gareth is soon going to release his single, the tearjerker of a song ‘Unchained Melody’, and might face fierce chart battle with his idol, George Michael.

The ex-Wham superstar is about to officially release his brand new single ‘Freeek’. The video for the comeback song is said to have cost a stonking 1 million pounds and is said to be the most expensive music video ever made. Sporting a futuristic theme and shot in Los Angeles, George plays an action hero in the elaborate video. George has signed a contract with Universal Records stating he is with them for this single only but if he’s pleased with their work, then he would sign on with them for his next album.If you want to sample George’s new single that has rather racy lyrics, then head on down to his official website:

So if Gareth does decide to bring forward his single’s release date, then apparently he’s up against Ali G and Shaggy. If he decides to release ‘Unchained Melody’ a week later, he’ll be up against Robbie Williams.

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