Nicole Kidman Can’t Get Kylie Outta Her Head

Nicole Kidman, Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee for her role in ‘Moulin Rouge’, wants to duet with fellow Australian beauty Kylie Minogue. Kylie, of course appeared in a blink-and-you’ll-miss role as the green fairy in the motion picture too.

Nicole, who can soon be seen in her new movie ‘Birthday Girl’ about a mail-order bride, has expressed her eagerness to croon again after her singing stints in ‘Moulin Rouge’ and her Christmas UK chart success with Robbie Williams on a cover of Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Something Stupid’. “I want to make at least one record with her,” says Nicole. “I love her work and her music. I’m knocked out she’s breaking into the States and I know we could get on, and hey, she’s another Aussie.”

Kylie Minogue, on the other hand, has not replied to Nicole’s statement at the time this news piece was written. Kylie right now is in the US of A and inching her way to their top spot on their charts with that massive smash tune ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’. Her current single right now in the UK, ‘In Your Eyes’ is doing pretty well and may repeat the same success she had with her previous catchy number and stay on the No.1 position for weeks.

If Kylie and Nicole do collaborate and give the world a single, you just know it’s going to be big.

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