Britney at Crossroads

Pop sensation, Britney Spears, 20, who just recently had her stalker arrested for trespassing her property, has sweared that she’ll never ever be naked in a movie, no matter how much the part may demand it. The world famous virgin does have a love scene in her film ‘Crossroads’ but apparently the ‘Overprotected’ star only agreed to it on the condition she could keep her clothes on. In an interview recently done, Britney says “I just wouldn’t feel comfortable being completely naked in front of people. That’s totally against what I believe in.” Britney went, with her virgin boyfriend, Justin Timberlake in tow, to her solid big-screen premiere for her debut-acting role in the movie ‘Crossroads’. Fortunately for her, her movie avoided the box-office pitfalls that were notably encountered by some mega pop stars – think along the lines of Mariah Carey with ‘Glitter’ – when they cross over to film. ‘Crossroads’ was at No. 2 at the box-office weekend takings that currently stand at $14.6 million.

Meanwhile, ‘John Q’, starring Denzel Washington as a desperate dad who holds an emergency room hostage to secure a heart transplant for his dying son, took in $20.6 million and is ranked as the No.1 movie, according to studio estimates on Sunday. Disney’s animated ‘Return to Never Land’, a ‘Peter Pan’ sequel, opened in third place earning $11.8 million.

In her movie ‘Crossroads’, Britney plays an American teenager who takes a trip to Los Angeles with her two best girlfriends and her boyfriend to find her mother. When you catch the film, do keep a look out for the parts where Britney’s character loses her virginity and runs around in her knickers.

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