Brandy’s Married

After months of speculation, R&B star Brandy has finally revealed that she is indeed a Mrs. The star has married a producer/songwriter who responds to the name of Robert Smith during the summer of 2001.

In a statement regarding the hush-hush marriage, the singer/actress who just turned 23 and celebrated her birthday a while back, says “I’ve fallen in love with a very warm, gentle, understanding and focused person. That summer we married quietly. A new experience, a new day for me.” Speaking earlier this year, she had only offered a “maybe” when quizzed if she had gotten engaged.

Smith’s work credits include working with Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls.The announcement comes as Brandy, looking hotter than ever before, prepares to release ‘Full Moon’, her first album in four years, on 5th March 2002. The first single off ‘Full Moon’ is the really catchy ‘What About Us?’, a track that I would give 3.5 stars out of 5. If you’ve never heard it yet, well, it really isn’t like anything that’s played on the radio airwaves nowadays. In an exclusive interview for USA Today, the one half of the ‘Boy Is Mine’ star talks about she decided to take a whole different approach when it came to making this latest effort of hers. “I wanted to make it as edgy as possible. I used my voice as an instrument more on this record than I ever have before.”

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