Christina Aguilera Gives A Sneak Peek Of New Album

Come 24th February 2002, Sunday, fans of Christina Aguilera, who was last seen prancing around with hair that looked much bigger than herself in the smash cover version of ‘Lady Marmalade’, would be able to hear a track entitled ‘Infatuation’ which will be taken off Christina Aguilera’s upcoming album at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics that’s currently being held in Salt Lake City, USA.

Although ‘Infatuation’ is not the first single off the former Mouseketeer from the Mickey Mouse Club back in her younger days, Christina just wants everyone who tunes in to have or, rather hear a preview of the kind of songs that are to be expected when her latest album is released tentatively around April or May 2002.

This latest release is being touted as the ‘Genie In A Bottle’ popster’s sophomore effort, it being her second full-length album following ‘My Reflection’. Technically though, Christina has two other offerings under her belt, what with ‘Mi Reflejo’ and the Christmas CD ‘My Kind Of Christmas’.

Other acts to perform at the Winter Olympics’ closing ceremony include N’Sync, Bon Jovi and a whole lot more.

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