New photos of Christina Aguilera’s $13.5m mansion

Christina Aguilera has been trying to sell her mansion in Beverley Hills since last year, but it seems the tough economic times are making it hard to find a buyer.  She purchased the house from the Osbourne’s in 2008 but decided to sell up following her divorce from Jordan Bratman.  She’s now released some extra photos from inside the house in a bid to drum up new interest.

Take a look at the photo’s here.

Christina Aguilera Seeks Inspiration From India For New LP

The lovely Christina Aguilera, currently visiting India, is on a spiritual trip and reportedly seeking inspiration for her next album.

At a brief appearance before the media Wednesday at the Intercontinental Sahar here, Ms Beautiful said “I’m very glad to come to India. It is a beautiful country and I’m enjoying every bit of it.” For the singer, this is her first trip to India.

The pop diva declined to give interviews. However, she conceded a few minutes to eager photographers to shoot her pictures and take her video.

Dressed in tantalising pink, the diva was escorted by her own personal security guard as well as guards provided by the organizers.After the media appearance, she headed to town to Big Bazaar for some shopping and left for Amby Valley in Pune in a private chopper. Christina is in India on a special invitation by Percept and Sahara.

According to sources, the singer wants to be in India to get inspiration for her new album. Unconfirmed reports say she might be planning to incorporate Indian music in her next album or even collaborate with some well known classical musicians of India at Amby Valley.

More unconfirmed reports suggest that Sahara may rope her in for a guest appearance or a dance number in one of its Bollywood films.

Christina tried to keep her boy friend John Bartman away from media glare. He even tried to hide his face when photographers tried to shoot him while he escorted Christina to her room.

Christina Aguilera And Her Precous Metals

Christina Aguilera has been telling all and sundry that she’s no longer wearing quite as much precious metal on her body as she is used to.

The elastic-throated star has apparently had a bit of a clear-out in the body jewellery department, and tells The Sun “I’ve taken out all my piercings apart from one in my right nipple. That’s for me.”

Christina Aguilera’s New Single Featuring Missy Elliott

This is just in.

The song Carwash, which Christina Aguilera worked on with producer Missy Elliott, is scheduled to be released to radio stations nationwide sometime in August, with a video to accompany it not long after it hits radio stations.

The song is slated to appear on the Shark Tale soundtrack as well as Christina’s new album.

Christina Aguilera Loves Strippers

A dancer at the New York strip club Scores says she has seen Christina Aguilera on the premises a few times, and the singer raises eyebrows every time she comes in.

“She’s like a guy!” Heather said. “She was definitely teasing the girls, lifting her clothes up.” Christina Aguilera’s rep responded, “Christina goes to strip clubs. She has a boyfriend.”

Christina Aguilera On Her New Albums

Christina Aguilera has revealed that she is currently working on two new album releases.

Christina Aguilera, who released current album Stripped in October 2002, has posted a new audio message on apologising for cancelling her summer shows.

She says “I’ve been writing and recording and putting my heart and soul into this next vision that I have for the next album. And I’m also working on my next Spanish album, to follow-up to my first one which was many years ago it seems like to me, maybe to you, too.”

Part-Ecuadorian Ms Dirrty released the Spanish-language album Mi Reflejo in September 2000, featuring translated versions of songs from her eponymous October 1999 debut.

She adds that she’s also at work on a new image “I’ve been kind of flirting with old ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s looks and styles and movies and old pin-ups – kind of this old Hollywood feel.”

Christina Aguilera And Her Fifth Single, A Vocie Within

Christina Aguilera’s fifth single from ‘Stripped’ is one called ‘A Voice Within’ and it’s no suprise that it’s being directed by the same director who gave us Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’, David Lachapelle.

In ‘A Voice Within,’ David Lachapelle’s latest collaboration with the provocative Christina Aguilera, said speaking to the press that “I wanted to strip it down to one take.”

“Just her and this incredible voice. And really not have anything that is going to overshadow that” he explained

Christina Aguilera Thinks Fondly Of Lil Kim

Us Weekly quotes Christina Aguilera who thinks very dearly of Lil Kim.

The ‘Dirrty’ sheila who collaborates with Lil Kim on her new number ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ said “On her records she is Miss Raunchy.”

“And then she’s just like, all ‘Hi!’ She has just the sweetest little voice, and she’s just a really big sweetheart.”

Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera really close friends?

From Mojitos, from the club, to the IMPOSSIBLE -Onlookers have seen Alicia Keys and Dirrty singer Aguilera out and about in the Sunset LA area; “They both enjoy each other’s company, and they are really close” says a publicist of them both. “They see each other occasionally.” Keys’ new album (untitled) is yet to be out in September-October.

As for Aguilera, her Stripped tour with Justin Timberlake starts June 4, in Arizona.

“Christina really loves that girl, and she’s really crazy about her..they’ve been down since who knows..”

There is more to come…