Christina Milian Dating Nick Cannon

Sexy singer/actress Christina Milian has fallen for her Love Don’t Cost A Thing co-star Nick Cannon after he wooed her with jewellery and cards.

The Dip It Low singer, who admitted last year she has a penchant for bad boys, has revealed all about her new man in US street magazine Complex.

The former TV presenter, 24, says, “We’re definitely dating.”

She reveals the best thing about having actor Nick Cannon as a boyfriend is he’s constantly buying her gifts.

She adds, “It’s more important that someone thought of me. Even if it’s just candy I’m like, `Yeah! Wooh!’ I’m not one of those girls who gets with somebody for the jewellery. He mixes it up. He’ll buy me, like, a dozen cards as a present.”Nick Cannon needs to keep spending to keep his girl happy because he’s got some impressive competition. Christina Milian explains, “Nelly hit on me. Actually, let’s just say, in essence, a lot of rappers have hit on me.”

And she’s very fond of Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler, her costar in new movie Be Cool. She adds, “When I was younger I never paid attention to him, but when we did the scene I was like, Ah, you are so sexy right now I could turn into a groupie.’ His lips were on the same microphone as mine, and I was ready to just kiss him.”

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