Megaman Taught The Sugababes A Thing Or Two About The Music Industry

So Solid Crew’s Megaman taught the girls from Sugababes a lot about the music industry and gave them the confidence to stand-up for themselves. This was what Keisha Buchanan has revealed recently.

Sugababes were beginning to find themselves feeling dreadfully separated from their fans and the media alike because during their final couple of months with London Records, the record label was certain that the girls were a “cool” band and would only do certain magazines and television shows.

Speaking to a leading magazine, Keisha said “Meeting people now I realise they took it personally. All in the media were like ‘The Sugababes are too cool for our magazine’ or whatever and definitely it wasn’t that in any way.”

“It was poor really. We said to our record company, ‘That’s not the single to put out’ and they were like, ‘don’t listen to them kids….'” explained Keisha in regard to some of the choices the label made regarding single releases, in particular the girls final single with London Records, ‘Soul Sound’, which eventually drooped.Luckily for the girls, they soon bumped into So Solid Crew’s Megaman who soon started offering them some solid advice.

“He asked us about how things were with our label” Keisha recalled. “When we told him what I just told you earlier, he said it sounded wrong, but we were like, ‘No, it’s supposed to be like that,’ because we didn’t know any better. So he sat us down and talked us through things. In an instant, we went back to our lawyers, checked it out and he was right all along”.

Now with their new music directions, new label, Universal and a new member, Heidi Range, who’s filling in the shoes left by Siobhan Dohaghy who mysteriously quit the pop band somewhere last year, the Sugababes are back with their brand-new offering, ‘Freak Like Me’, that is to be released on 22nd of April.

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