Truth Hurts Eagerly Waits For Beyonce’s Solo LP

Truth Hurts, in a radio interview, said “I don’t listen to the radio so if I have or was to buy anybody’s disc, it’s because I feel they are a true artist!”

The sexy lady who gave us that brilliant Bollywood-sounding number, told all who tuned in who’s been making the rounds on her cd player these days. “I have Jill Scott, India.Arie, my girl Lauryn Hill, but who I’m really looking forward to is … Beyonce Knowles!”

“People really don’t know the talent that this woman has, the beautiful humanitarian that she is and she’s a sweetheart! But people hate her because she is up front in your face like what! I’m beautiful, talented, sexy, and a business woman!”

“Beyonce is like an onion and no she doesn’t smell. There are just so many layers to her, that she’s going to peel off slowly with everything that she does, and the world is not ready!”

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