Blazin Squad And That Flop Eurovision Song

Those Blazin Squad boys really want us to believe they’re street tough rascals but when you discover who’s been writing their songs, all that urban coolness flies straight out the window.

Not only has most of their upcoming album been produced by Absolute, the men behind Geri Halliwell, Abs and Spice Girls, their new single, ‘Love On The Line’, has been co-written by a man who penned a flop Eurovision song!

Songwriter Russ Ballard was responsible for the dodgy track, ‘No Dream Impossible’, which Lyndsay D performed at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Unsurprisingly, the song, met a sorry end, coming 15th in the competition in Copenhagen.

Recently the boys revealed that although their first couple of singles are pretty soppy affairs, their album will feature a tougher sound.

“We’ve gone for a loot of styles” Kenzie revealed. “We’ve gone for rap, hip hop, drum & bass, R&B, garage, a bit of something for everyone, really. It’s not rough music. We don’t come from that background. We don’t talk about guns.”

“We’re not gonna release ‘Crossroads’ then follow it up with a gangsta tune. I think it’d be the same kind of vibe but just a bit more upbeat. Something people could dance to a bit more.”

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