Truth Hurts When You Face It

Shari Watson, popularly known as the ‘Addictive’ singer, Truth Hurts, recently had to face the truth herself. Supposedly, her brilliant catchy single illegally used a sample from an Indian movie soundtrack.

Although Dr. Dre didn’t produce the song since he is the CEO of Aftermath Records and executive producer of the album, his name was listed in the lawsuit.

DJ Quik produced Truth Hurts’ number, thinking it was brilliant to use the sample from the Hindi song, ‘Thoda Resham Lagta Hai’, which I must say is a very clever and unique thing to have done. Anyway, the Hindi song was sung by Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar and it’s lifted from the movie ‘Jyoti’.

Although the lawsuit has been submitted, it may not head in the court’s direction afterall because Dr. Dre is currently in settlement talks with Indian label, Saregama India Limited.

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