Nick Lachey Working On Solo LP recently reported that the lads from 98 Degrees are taking a break before recording their next album. So chances are, that would probably mean one of them will most likely try his hand at solo stardom.

So who’s doing just that? It is none other than Nick Lachey, who is currently working on his first solo record. But don’t worry, he insists the group is not breaking up.

He worked with several producers in England and Los Angeles including Linda Perry who recently helped Pink out on her latest record.

While the project is still in the beginning stages he hopes to do a duet, maybe collaborations, but he knows this one will be a lot more rock than pop. “Yeah, it’s going to be a little more, where 98 Degrees wasn’t and more in a guitar-driven area. Different but not so crazy so much so that people are shocked by it. Am just trying to evolve, do something new.”

His solo record is expected out early next year.

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