Enrique Iglesias And Friends Check Out The No Doubt Concert

The Las Vegas Sun reports Enrique Iglesias and girl Anna Kournikova checked into the Real World suite at the Palms late Sunday, with a reservation through Tuesday. They were on vacation with two very special friends reportedly.

The couple are holidayng with the likes of Mr Dirt On My Shoulder, Jay Z and party girl/actress Tara Reid, who later that evening proceeded to check out the No Doubt concert last Sunday night.

Gwen Stefani personally greeted them all at the afterparty whch was thrown at Ghostbar.

Enrique Iglesias Says He Did Not Marry Anna Kournikova

Enrique Iglesias insisted that he and Anna Kournikova are not married, but for now was “just practicing” married life.

He says, “I am not planning on getting married yet. I think I will when I am 35 or 40, but I could not say that I will not get married now for certain.”

The singer added, “It is hard to trust people because there are more barriers between you and other people. You are more guarded, a bit more careful about your life.”

Enrique Iglesias Talks About His Miser Of A Father

Enrique Iglesias was recently talking about his bitter relationship with his famous father Julio to the papers.

Enrique says he’s only spoken to his father twice in the past seven years, and complained his dad, who is worth $500 million, was a cheapskate with him.

“In Spain, if you have the Iglesias name, they put you down as a spoiled rich kid. But my father has never given me a penny,” Enrique complained.

“I went to a rich kids’ school in Miami. The others drove Mercedes or Porches. I had a crummy car.” And when Enrique went to Los Angeles to kick off his singing career, he revealed, “I didn’t have any money. I had to stay with a friend.”

Enrique Makes Demands Of Prince Charles

Enrique Iglesias left BBC bosses bemused with his ludicrous demands when he appeared in The Royal Variety Performance.

The singer demanded a list of the questions Prince Charles would ask him when they came face-to-face in the line-up after the show.

“It’s quite funny, if truth be told” a source said. “Prince Charles just shakes hands and maybe says the odd word to the performers in the line-up. It’s hardly unlikely he’s going to start firing questions at Enrique. He’ll be lucky if His Royal Highness even knows who on earth he is. What a man-diva!”

Anna Kournikova Acted Like A Fool At Enrique’s Gig

A fan was reportedly found saying that during one of Enrique’s gigs in Miami, his girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, who attended the concert as well, acted like a fool.

“She was a complete moron on the sideline of the stage. Is it me or was she completely plastered or high?”

“I don’t believe someone sober would act the way she did! It got to the point that she started to thrown garbage balls in Enrique’s direction. I always knew that she was good with “balls” but now it has been proven!”

“She spent the whole concert picking up garbage from the floor to throw on stage. Not cool at all. Does he REALLY like her?”

The new Spanish album from one of Latin musics hottest stars.

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Now would be a good time to set the lights low and grab the candles. You got a taste of his bilingual flavor with the last few songs on Enrique’s US hit album, ‘Escape’. Get the full dose with Quizas, 11 tracks of romantic, pop infected tracks that will have you moving and swaying. Whether you are relaxing in a warm bath, dancing in the moonlight, or spanking the children, let Enrique serenade you in his warm Spanish accent. “The power of music in Spanish is so strong, “explained Iglesias, “that I couldn’t stay away from it any longer”. Discover what millions have already uncovered in Quizas.Available at online merchants and retail stores, go get Enrique’s Latin album, Quizas. So set the lights low, go get those candles, and let Enrique captivate you.

Girls, get your vocal chords ready. Your favorite Latin hero will be in your town soon.

Get your friends, borrow dads car, because nothing short of a restraining order is going to keep you from seeing Enrique rock the house.

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10/23/2002 San Diego Sports Arena San Diego CA United States

10/25/2002 Pepsi Center Arena Denver CO United States

10/26/2002 Delta Center Arena Salt Lake City UT United States

10/28/2002 The Brady Theater Tulsa OK United States

10/30/2002 Taft Theatre Cincinnati OH United States

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11/2/2002 American Airlines Arena Miami FL United States

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11/4/2002 Queens Park Cricket Club Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago

11/6/2002 Estadio Nacional Panama

11/8/2002 Roberte Clemente Coliseum

Official Site : http://www.enriqueiglesias.com

Enrique Was Not In Accident

Enrique Iglesias checked in with fans on his official website last Friday saying, “Hi guys It’s Enrique, I’m in Mexico on tour. It’s been a great week so far.”

“There is a rumor going around that I was in an accident. Well guess what? I wasn’t, I’m fine, and looking forward to seeing all of you. I get back to the states next week. See you all soon.”

Technically, he’s right, his van just got stuck, at least that is what the photos and Mexican press showed.

Enrique To Cut Down On McDonald’s

Enrique Iglesias is trying to cut his bad habit of late night eating at McDonald’s.

“I eat McDonald’s drive-through at least three times a week and I eat at like three or four in the morning” he admits.

“You get so hungry at night, so you eat, then you go to sleep and wake up with the worst feeling.”

Guess we won’t be looking at any ad deals involving McDonald’s and Enrique anytime soon.

Is Enrique Iglesias A Pretty Face And Nothing More?

Enrique Iglesias got asked about criticisms that he’s just a pretty boy and not much of an entertainer six days ago.

“I’m not insecure about that” he says. “I know I don’t have the greatest voice in the world. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.”

“But, not to compare myself, did Bob Dylan have the greatest voice in the world? Or Madonna? Or Julio Iglesias? People say ‘He just sold albums because he had a pretty face’. Bull!”

“There’s a thousand people out there with pretty faces. People buy albums because they like the songs and what they’re hearing. The only thing I have to prove is that I can write better songs.”