Samantha Mumba Supports The Girls

Irish popster, Samantha Mumba has come out on the side of the sisters in the great Popstars: The Rivals debate.

We were talking to the singer-cum-actress when the subject turned to the new ITV series and, despite many of the public thinking that the boys will snare the Christmas No 1, the lovely lass has come out in support of the girls.

“You never know, the girls might win” she told us, adding, “Everyone says that the guys will win because the girls love them and all that kind of stuff but I suppose a girl won Big Brother for the first time this year didn’t she, so maybe this is the year for the girls.”

And how does the star, whose fresh single, ‘I’m Right Here’, will hit the shops on the 14th of October, think her manager, Louis Walsh, is faring as a judge on the show?

“I think he’s fine, he’s well able to stand up himself. He’s cool” Sam said.

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