Samantha Mumba Steals The Show Wearing The Most Expensive Dress

Samantha Mumba stole the show at the Spider Man 2 London premiere in a diamond studded dress worth a staggering $9 million.

The glittering creation by designer Scott Henshall is the most expensive dress yet made.

In tribute to the movie, he used thousands of webcup diamonds. Asked what it was like to wear the dress, the Dublin-born star replied “It’s really comfortable actually.”

Samantha Mumba Supports The Girls

Irish popster, Samantha Mumba has come out on the side of the sisters in the great Popstars: The Rivals debate.

We were talking to the singer-cum-actress when the subject turned to the new ITV series and, despite many of the public thinking that the boys will snare the Christmas No 1, the lovely lass has come out in support of the girls.

“You never know, the girls might win” she told us, adding, “Everyone says that the guys will win because the girls love them and all that kind of stuff but I suppose a girl won Big Brother for the first time this year didn’t she, so maybe this is the year for the girls.”

And how does the star, whose fresh single, ‘I’m Right Here’, will hit the shops on the 14th of October, think her manager, Louis Walsh, is faring as a judge on the show?

“I think he’s fine, he’s well able to stand up himself. He’s cool” Sam said.

Jennifer Lopez’s Ex, Cris, To Play Samantha Mumba’s Love Interest

Press reports suggest that Samantha Mumba has chosen Cris Judd to star in her new video ‘I’m Right Here’, a track which you can hear on by reading the previous Samantha Mumba article.

The storyline has him playing Samantha’s love interest, but now that he’s divorced from Jennifer Lopez, the role has been scaled back it seems.

“A lot of his performance has ended up on the cutting room floor” said a source. “Obviously as one of his first jobs since breaking-up from Jennifer, there’s going to be a lot of interest but they don’t want his appearance to overshadow Samantha.”

Listen To Samantha Mumba’s New Song

The new single by Samantha Mumba has been leaked to the Internet. Frankly, I’ve no idea how this got leaked and it has got nothing to do with me, but since it’s already out in the open, I’m going to provide you with the link but you must have the RealPlayer plugin installed.

‘I’m Right Here’ has much more of a reggae/R&B feel than some of Samantha’s prior pop hits, which given the direction of popular music today, shouldn’t really be a surprise.

Not sure if it’s really Samantha Mumba because just the other day, I read this article that suggests record companies are purposely leaking so called “new” material to those peer-to-peer networks for downloading. But whatever it is, it’s probably still worth a listen.

Listen to the track here