American Idol Champ, Kelly Clarkson Makes History

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson saw her new double-A-side record ‘A Moment Like This’/’Before Your Love’ rose from the No 52 spot to No 1 after going on sale in stores last week, marking the biggest leap to No 1 in the history of the Hot 100, her label, RCA Records, said on Wednesday. “We’re in uncharted territory” said Geoff Mayfield of Billboard magazine, which publishes the charts. “It’s unusual to have a retail single to begin with, and it’s even more unusual to have one sell decent numbers.”

The album sold 236,000 copies its first week in stores, the first time since 1999 that a single has sold more than 200,000 copies.

Westlife Signs Multimillion Contract To Put Out More Albums

Westlife are reported to have signed a new GBP20 million record deal.

It’s thought they signed the deal after six months of negotiations with their record company BMG.

It will help put to rest the rumours that the band are planning to split after their Greatest Hits tour next year.

“We’re not going away, we’ve hardly started yet” Shane Filan tells. “We’ve literally just signed after negotiating for six months. There’s plenty to celebrate but we’re not going to go mad. I’ll save some money for a rainy day, when I’m really old, like 35 or something!”

Pregnant Mom Hazel Kaneswaran Has Got Into Popstars’ Final 20

Pregnant pop wannabe Hazel has made it through to the finals, according to the papers the other day.

The 23 year old stirred up tension between the judges when she originally auditioned, with Pete trying to rule her out because her baby is due on the 2nd of October.

Louis and Geri campaigned for her, however, and she made it through to the final 100. In Saturday’s episode, she was seen surviving into the final 50. Now insiders say that she has gotten into final 20.

“Hazel’s one of the girl finalists, and it looks like she’s going to end up in the group itself. Louis and Geri are just mad about her” one told the newspaper.

India.Arie A Fan Of Eminem

Eminem has found himself a new fan in very lovely India.Arie. The two singers met up recently during an event last month.

“There’s two different sides to that” she said when asked about Slim Shady. “I have an opinion about his effect on minds that are young and impressionable, obviously. On the other side of it, I love great art. And loving words, rhyme schemes and stories the way that I do, Eminem is brilliant. I’m just newly realizing that about him.”

Britney Spears Meets Britney Valentine

A big Britney Spears fan and drag queen Britney Valentine had his dream come true today after meeting the vocalistress in New York City at her restaurant Nyla.

He said “I followed them towards the bathroom and I gave the bodyguard a pic of me as ‘Britney’ that I had signed for her. He said he would give it to her when she came out. I said thanks and went back to the bar. Two minutes later I get a tap on my shoulder… It’s Britney herself!”

“She said, ‘Is this you?’ pointing to the pic of me in costume, ‘you look absolutely beautiful!’ My heart nearly stopped. Britney Spears thought I was beautiful! Wow!”

Visit Britney V’s official page below

Get Advice On Fame From Daniel Bedingfield

Entertainment Weekly profiled Daniel Bedingfield, the UK pop star who is breaking though in America thanks to his hit ‘Gotta Get Through This’.

Asked about the pitfalls of fame, Daniel Bedingfield said, “Sort out who your friends are before you get famous. And get ready to rebuild your life from the ground up, because everything gets thrown upside down.”

He adds that he’s already begun work on a follow-up album that he says will be “much more vulnerable, a lot more angry, quieter and louder.”

Holly Valance’s Dating A Student

Aussie pop vocalistress Holly Valance has found a new man and he’s a Brit! The striking singer is living in London and is reported to have been seeing student Steve Aspinall, 23, who is studying economics at Newcastle.

Holly’s relationship with long-term boyfriend Pete Veveris is said to be under strain as he remains Down Under.

The singer, whose new single is ‘Down Boy’, was introduced to Steve through her makeup artist, according to papers.

“They got on instantly” said one source. “They went clubbing and she invited him round for dinner at her penthouse.”Even Holly’s mother is already a fan of Steve’s and is reportedly encouraging the relationship.

Steve is no stranger to the world of showbiz. He once dated Zoe Jordan, daughter of Formula One team boss Eddie Jordan, and was a hopeful on the new series of Model Behaviour, though he only got as far as the third round.

Holly is so keen on Steve that she is said to be planning to visit him in Newcastle while he does his final year of studies.

Reviving Sales With Robbie’s Escapology

Music industry experts are predicting that Robbie Williams’ forthcoming album, ‘Escapology’, could give the UK’s ailing music market a much-needed boost.

According to recent figures, UK record sales suffered a 15 percent drop this year, in comparison to 2001.

It’s hoped that Robbie’s album plus releases from the likes of U2, Westlife and Craig David will get the cash registers jangling. However, the ex-Take That star is the one who everyone’s watching, following the massive success of his ‘Swing When You’re Winning’ album last winter.

“Robbie Williams especially is something people seem to respond to,” HMV spokesperson Gennaro Castaldo told, “His new album is a real bonus. It was already looking like being a bumper run-up to Christmas, but now with Robbie it looks like being the biggest ever.”

Although industry hopes are resting on Robbie to revive flagging sales, he’s yet to decide which label will release ‘Escapology’.

Robbie is to perform his next single, ‘Feel’, for the first time at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Barcelona on the 14th of November.

Wild Orchid Website Finally Open!! is finally open. After months of waiting the girlsof Wild Orchid are back and better than ever. New Album Hypnotic drops in 2003 and the new site offers many clips of some of their hot new songs: Its On, Hypnotic, Kiss the Sky, All the Way and many more. Beautiful new pictures and a home video of the girls in the studio are also included. Lets try and make these lovely ladies #1.

Bootleg Remixes

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An legitmate artistic statement or no better than piracy? You be the judge.

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