Scott Cain – New single!

Scott Cain is releasing a third single called “Ocean’s In Between Us” and it was recorded with a Sydney-based high profile rapper (originally from New York), Ekko, who has also worked with artists like Puff Daddy, among others.

The single will only be released online and will not be available in stores. The single is limited to 1000 copies being made so be quick to get your hands on a copy. You can have a preview of the single and also order your copy or even have a listen by heading over to Scott Cain’s official website at

Scott launched the single during an exclusive online chat to his fans which saw hundreds of fans pack the chat room, all there to chat to Scott and have

a first listen to the new single. When talking about the single Scott says, “it’s a song I wrote with 2 other people – one was Nick Howard (who I work

with a bit), and the other guy is Ekko, he’s a rapper from America who was in New York on the day of September 11. And this year on Sept. 11 – we got

together and decided to write a song about it. He raps about what happened to him & what he saw – and I sing about how it was for us in Australia. I

think the song turned out great – it has real power and emotion!” Scott says.

The cost of the single is $4.00 (which includes postage and handling costs) and better yet, 50 cents from each and every sale will be donated to the Red Cross to support victims of terrorism.

By purchasing a copy you could also win exclusive Scott Cain merchandise or even TOP 40 cd’s over the next 5 weeks. Checkout for all the details!

Crazy People Rock Scott Cain

Will Young’s Australian equivalent, Scott Cain has revealed and released his sophomore single, ‘Crazy People Rock’, and it’s yet another infectious pop groove, penned by the infamous songwriting duo Gregg Alexander & Rick Nowels, that is sure to get the feet tapping! Well, at least according to critics.

Gregg and Rick are of course the people who gave you my favorite song of all time, ‘You Get What You Give’ and they also penned Scott’s first single ‘I’m Moving On’.

‘Crazy People Rock’ was produced by Michael Szumowski, who has produced Disco Montego and Bardot’s last album of late. The single also features remixes of ‘Crazy People Rock’ by Supafly and Wok Institution along with a new song from Scott called ‘On The Dance Floor’.

Hear the single and more at his website

Scott Cain – Australia’s Will Young

Baby, you’ve been fired from hurting me/ It’s time you go find another job, yeah/ I’m moving on/ I’m feeling strong/ I’m good as gone out of your heart babe/ I’m moving on/ Guess who got strong and baby look at me/ I’m free.

You just read a few lines from Scott Cain’s debut pop/rock song, ‘I’m Moving On’, written by Greg Alexander of New Radicals fame. He is of course the fellow who won Australia’s version of ‘Pop Idol’ but for some reason, over there it was still called ‘Popstars’.

Recently the press got wind of the news that Scott has a two year old son and it practically overshadowed all publicity for the show and his debut single. Scott said “It doesn’t surprise me that people are interested. That’s what happens to celebrities, right. I have to protect myself. It takes away from the good side”.

Scott Cain, who is a big fan of Britney Spears, Anastacia, Ja Rule and J Lo, is currently working on his second single and debut album. He says he has written a hip hop song called ‘Stuntwood Circus’ for the record and that hopefully it would make the cut and finds its slot on the disc.

Apparently he was in a band before and an LP was something his first band, Funkapation, never accomplished. He said “I was in the band for six months in Port Macquarie. We won an award, a battle of the bands award but even then, an album was never produced. Sad, huh.”

On a personal note, I think the song’s cool and all. You’d be able to hear it via his official site: