Scott Cain – Australia’s Will Young

Baby, you’ve been fired from hurting me/ It’s time you go find another job, yeah/ I’m moving on/ I’m feeling strong/ I’m good as gone out of your heart babe/ I’m moving on/ Guess who got strong and baby look at me/ I’m free.

You just read a few lines from Scott Cain’s debut pop/rock song, ‘I’m Moving On’, written by Greg Alexander of New Radicals fame. He is of course the fellow who won Australia’s version of ‘Pop Idol’ but for some reason, over there it was still called ‘Popstars’.

Recently the press got wind of the news that Scott has a two year old son and it practically overshadowed all publicity for the show and his debut single. Scott said “It doesn’t surprise me that people are interested. That’s what happens to celebrities, right. I have to protect myself. It takes away from the good side”.

Scott Cain, who is a big fan of Britney Spears, Anastacia, Ja Rule and J Lo, is currently working on his second single and debut album. He says he has written a hip hop song called ‘Stuntwood Circus’ for the record and that hopefully it would make the cut and finds its slot on the disc.

Apparently he was in a band before and an LP was something his first band, Funkapation, never accomplished. He said “I was in the band for six months in Port Macquarie. We won an award, a battle of the bands award but even then, an album was never produced. Sad, huh.”

On a personal note, I think the song’s cool and all. You’d be able to hear it via his official site:

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