Frontin’ On Velvet Empire

Meet the guys and girls of Velvet Empire, made up of Janelle Belgrave, 18, Alex Price, 22, Justin Humes, 22, Ryan Hamilton, 19, and Lacey Block, 18, who are the latest pop sensations, having won the Canada’s version of ‘Popstars’. Personally, for some reason or another, I just have to say that they’ve picked a pretty cool name for their band.

“This has definitely been a whirlwind” Ryan said recently, speaking to the papers. “What’s been weird really, has been living in secret for six months or so. Even with everything out in the open, it’s still kind of weird, but it’s pretty exciting.”

For the past six months, Velvet Empire’s been working on their album, from which, their first single, ‘Frontin’ On Me’ can be found. “Our album is a little bit more edgy-pop, R&B pop, so hopefully it’s something that people haven’t heard yet”. This is according to Lacey.Meanwhile, Ryan says that he finds that it’s hard not to compare their ‘Frontin’ On Me’ to N’Sync’s ‘Pop’. If you’ve got the Real Player plugin, you could click on the link below and check their debut offering out. It’s not so bad, if you ask me. It’s the kind of song that’ll grow on you even if you hate listening to it first time round.

When asked if there are romantic sparks flying between members of the co-ed pop group Velvet Empire, Ryan insists “We’re all like brothers and sisters. I’ve got a girlfriend outside of the group and Alex has got a boyfriend, but otherwise we’re all single.”

Unlike the last Popstars-born act, girl-group Sugar Jones, whose members complained the show’s producers abandoned them after it ended, Ryan says Velvet Empire is prepared to leave the nest.

“They’ve forewarned us that we need to prepare and get our own place and get our stuff together. But that’s not about abandonment. We’re ready.”

Plans are already underway for a Canada’s Will Young.

Check Velvet Empire out at their official site at:

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