The Reelists Want Listeners Not To Be So Discriminating

So Solid Crew collaborators, The Reelists, have said they want to be judged on their music, not their backgrounds.

Sef and K1, who release their cool radiant new single ‘Freak Mode’ this week, were brought in to work on the track ‘Haterz’ by So Solid and Shabz. Sef is Shabz’ brother, and was also in an R’n’B group with Megaman a few years back.

The Reelists both have Asian roots, which sets them apart from most of the UK soul scene, but they told BBC Radio 1 they really want the listeners to go past the race issue and just listen to them without any prejudice.

“I just want to do music. I’m a singer, I’m a songwriter and I just want to do that. Hopefully people shouldn’t watch the whole colour aspect of it.”

“The person that’s singing it, and how he’s singing it, that’s what it’s about. It’s about music at the end of the day.”

“We’re just doing our own thing. It’s more of a natural thing for us. We’ve never had no lessons. We’ve always been into music, so here we are” said Sef.

Personally, I think no one should judge anybody by their skin colour or the religion they believe in. It’s sad really. In this case, The Reelists have come up with a brilliant number and anybody shunning them because of their race, then it’s pretty much pathetic.

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