Sarah Whatmore Loves Shopping

Just what has Sarah Whatmore been up to?

Well, aside from recording her long-awaited album, the cute popstar has been indulging in her other favourite past time lately which is essentially shopping.

So tell us, Sarah, where does a girl like yourself with such exquisite taste in clothes find the best bargains?

“I love Mango and Zara,” she says. “I love that European and Mediterranean look. I also like H&M. They’re really good. Then there’s Burberry’s, Ralph Lauren and Escada. I get bits from there so if you are looking to get really fashionable stuff, you would need to get stuff from there.”

“Did you know I was a shopaholic? I’m really, really bad ain’t I!”

In the meantime, Sarah’s album should be out sometime early next year.

Sarah Whatmore, Liberty X And More Are The UK’s Poorest Popstars

The poorest of the British’s popstars have been unveiled and making No 1 is Rosie Ribbons, who apparently just made only GBP12,000 a year after she was dropped by her record label.

Others include Sarah Whatmore at #4 with GBP20,000, all the Liberty X members, who make only GBP35,000 a year at #7, and Atomic Kitten at #9 with GBP150,000 a year.

The rest of Top 10 includes the recently disbanded S Club which got everybody talking about just how much of millions went to their management company and they just earning a mere half a million after all those years of TV shows, singing and touring.

Javine Hylton, Steps, Hear’Say, Blazin’ Squad, Zoe Birkett and the lads from One True Voice all also made the list.

Sarah Whatmore, Gareth Like Hayley Evetts’ Single

Apparently, according to sources, Sarah Whatmore and Gareth Gates have already heard a sneak preview of the forthcoming Hayley Evetts’ solo debut offering.

Hayley Evetts has decided that for her first solo single, she will attempt a dance number and it has been described as “a dance version of a famous 80s ballad”. No one’s telling what the title is yet but reportedly, Gareth was overheard saying that she plans to release it this summer.

Meanwhile, Hayley Evetts is reportedly coming back on board to help present the new series of Pop Idol 2. As for Sarah, she is busy wrapping up the recording of her debut album, ‘Living Proof’ and is also due for summer.

Sarah Whatmore Interested In Duet With Jamiroquai Frontman

Sarah Whatmore is interested in doing a duet with Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay. “Working with Jay would be amazing.”

“I absolutely believe he is a superb and stunning performer with a great voice,” Sarah said.

As for her second single ‘Automatic’, which she has been busy promoting, the sexy girl says, “It’s a bit dance-y and hopefully will do very well.”

Sarah Whatmore And Fashion

Sarah Whatmore recently revealed that she is very individualistic when it comes to fashion.

“I’ve always been into my clothes and had my own sort of image. I just wear what I feel comfy in. I have to. Also, I love it when me and my friends are all like individualistic.”

So, now that she has a blooming pop career, she would need to have a stylist decide fashion for her so just what is it like having a stylist, Sarah?

“Honestly, it’s fun really. You’ve got to have someone helping you out because you’re thinking about so much else that it’s nice to have someone to back you up with fashion choices.”

Pop Idol Sarah Whatmore Joined Bam Bam For Breakfast

Pop Idol’s 20 year-old wannabee Sarah Whatmore (the one that Simon Cowell asked to marry him + then signed to his record label!) dropped in on Kiss 100’s Bam Bam Breakfast last week. She spoke about…..

Darius ‘T she likes him
Men ‘T she’s single!
Romeo and other kids names
Plus loads more

She turned up half an hour late, with some feeble excuse about her taxi getting a ‘puncture’ and having to grab a lift from a white van man! She sweet talked herself back into Bam’s good books 7.5 out of 10 for being ‘a good looking fella’ (Bam’s words not hers!) and said he looks like ‘Patrick Swayze!!’ Not bad eh? He gave her six out of ten…! Then at the end, she gave Bam her private mobile number………….!! She reckons her single will go Top 10 on the week of release, which isn’t too bad, but one things for sure, she’ll never make it as a radio presenter, Bam asked her to read the news, which she did……really badly, although she was happy to admit this herself, saying “I really am crap at this!”. Yes you are Sarah!!

She sang her song live (without backing) and we have to say that this girl can sing!! Check out the 30 second clip on, where she sings, talks and tries to impersonate Orvil the duck (as Bam thinks she sounds like Orvil!):

Click here to watch the video, or click here to visit bamster.comHere’s just some of what she said:

She spoke about her fellow Pop Idol, Darius:

Sarah: “He’s done well. I like Darius. He was on the same leg as me in Pop Idol, so we get on.’
Bam: Did you watch him on Popstars:
Sarah: “Yeah I did”
Bam: What was your opinion of him?
Sarah: “Em, confident, cool guy, determined.’
Bam: The whole country apart from you thought he was a pain in the butt!
Sarah: “Oh right. A bit too cocky, but a nice person underneath. You have to give his dues to him. Very intelligent. I’m not stupid!!’

Men (she’s single and recently split with her long-term boyfriend):

Sarah: ‘For personal reasons we finished. We’re still the best of friends.’
Bam: I don’t believe you. If you’re still friends call him up!
Sarah: ‘I don’t know his number off by heart…….That’s not fair, I can’t do that. He won’t be happy, he won’t be my friend anymore”
Bam: Do you fancy your boss, Simon Fuller?
Sarah: “no!’

Beckham’s just named his child Romeo, would she choose that name?

Sarah: “No, I wouldn’t personally. I like Sebastian or Emily.”
Bam: Would you get your children’s names tattooed on your back?
Sarah: “No I don’t like tattoos or piercings.”

Sarah Whatmore To Join Bam Bam For Breakfast


Pop Idol wannabee, Sarah Whatmore is to join Kiss 100’s Bam Bam Breakfast live in the studio this Wednesday (4th September) from 6-10am on 100.00FM (London).

The singer, who Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell famously asked to marry him after seeing her perform on the ITV talent show, is releasing her debut single, ‘When I Lost You’ next Monday (9th September) through Simon Cowell’s S Records.

Sarah will be dropping in for breakfast with Bam to talk about everything from Pop Idol to the launch of her solo career. She’ll also no doubt be thanking Bam Bam for giving her the first airplay on the station for the single a few weeks back!

So be sure to tune in this Wednesday from 6-10am on Kiss 100.00FM in London, via the digital radio network in the rest of the UK and online at Or just select Kiss 100 from the “Live Radio Streams” menu on this website!

Sarah Whatmore On Dumping Men And Impressing Bosses

She is the gorgeous blonde who melted the heart of Pop Idol’s ice man Simon Cowell. But Sarah Whatmore who is being acclaimed as the UK’s answer to Jennifer Lopez, is determined not to let men stand in her way.

The chart hopeful is making a success of her singing career on her own despite failing to reach the final of the ITV wannabe show. Sarah is remembered as the girl judge Cowell, nicknamed Mr Nasty, asked to marry him on live TV.

She said no, of course. And despite having signed a six-figure deal with Simon’s BMG label she admits the thought of that on-air proposal makes her cringe. And Mr Nasty is not the only man she had dumped as she puts her dreams of stardom first.

In her first major interview, Sarah reveals she split with her boyfriend of four years to concentrate on her singing career.She said “But over the past few months things have really taken off for me. I have been so busy recording my album and shooting the video for the single. Now I’m doing nothing but promoting it. I decided we should just be friends because my priority at the moment is my career.”

“I’ve worked so hard to get where I am. I’m living my dream. I don’t want anything to get in the way. We’re still really good friends, though and we speak a lot on the phone. But I haven’t got time for boyfriends at the moment. I am determined to make a go of my music and won’t let anything get in my way.”

Sarah, who releases her debut single, ‘When I Lost You’, on the 9th of September, seems to enjoy making a big impression with her bosses as she will soon launch her career in the States as well since big bosses over there are impressed with what she has to offer.

“Apparently they loved me and are excited about helping me crack America. My priority is to do well in the UK but there haven’t been many successful solo British females over there for a long time so hopefully I can do well.”

Sarah Whatmore – The Girl Whom Impressed Simon Cowell

She impressed Simon Cowell so much so that he straight away gave her a record deal. And she didn’t even make it to the final rounds of Pop Idol. Just who is she?

Her name’s Sarah Whatmore and on the 2nd of September, the Manchester lady will be releasing her debut single, named ‘When I Lost You’. ‘When I Lost You’, a fresh and catchy pop tune that’ll grow on you, sounds like a track that’s actually meant for Kylie Minogue or Holly Valance.

On her new and pristine fame, Sarah said, speaking to the press the other day “Things are happening really quickly. I recently spent some time in America where I performed for 200 record company executives. Then I flew onto La Paz, Mexico to shoot my first video. That was totally awesome.”

Putting the finishing touches to her first solo full-length release is Sarah who is back in the UK. The album’s scheduled to drop into shops later this year.

For more on all things Sarah Whatmore, then be sure to click on to her official website, proudly displayed at the URL