Pop Idol Sarah Whatmore Joined Bam Bam For Breakfast

Pop Idol’s 20 year-old wannabee Sarah Whatmore (the one that Simon Cowell asked to marry him + then signed to his record label!) dropped in on Kiss 100’s Bam Bam Breakfast last week. She spoke about…..

Darius ‘T she likes him
Men ‘T she’s single!
Romeo and other kids names
Plus loads more

She turned up half an hour late, with some feeble excuse about her taxi getting a ‘puncture’ and having to grab a lift from a white van man! She sweet talked herself back into Bam’s good books 7.5 out of 10 for being ‘a good looking fella’ (Bam’s words not hers!) and said he looks like ‘Patrick Swayze!!’ Not bad eh? He gave her six out of ten…! Then at the end, she gave Bam her private mobile number………….!! She reckons her single will go Top 10 on the week of release, which isn’t too bad, but one things for sure, she’ll never make it as a radio presenter, Bam asked her to read the news, which she did……really badly, although she was happy to admit this herself, saying “I really am crap at this!”. Yes you are Sarah!!

She sang her song live (without backing) and we have to say that this girl can sing!! Check out the 30 second clip on Bamster.com, where she sings, talks and tries to impersonate Orvil the duck (as Bam thinks she sounds like Orvil!):

Click here to watch the video, or click here to visit bamster.comHere’s just some of what she said:

She spoke about her fellow Pop Idol, Darius:

Sarah: “He’s done well. I like Darius. He was on the same leg as me in Pop Idol, so we get on.’
Bam: Did you watch him on Popstars:
Sarah: “Yeah I did”
Bam: What was your opinion of him?
Sarah: “Em, confident, cool guy, determined.’
Bam: The whole country apart from you thought he was a pain in the butt!
Sarah: “Oh right. A bit too cocky, but a nice person underneath. You have to give his dues to him. Very intelligent. I’m not stupid!!’

Men (she’s single and recently split with her long-term boyfriend):

Sarah: ‘For personal reasons we finished. We’re still the best of friends.’
Bam: I don’t believe you. If you’re still friends call him up!
Sarah: ‘I don’t know his number off by heart…….That’s not fair, I can’t do that. He won’t be happy, he won’t be my friend anymore”
Bam: Do you fancy your boss, Simon Fuller?
Sarah: “no!’

Beckham’s just named his child Romeo, would she choose that name?

Sarah: “No, I wouldn’t personally. I like Sebastian or Emily.”
Bam: Would you get your children’s names tattooed on your back?
Sarah: “No I don’t like tattoos or piercings.”

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