Ace of Base Da Capo – Album Tracklisting + Song Clips Revealed!

In music the term “da capo” means to return to the beginning of a section of music.

For Ace of Base “Da Capo” is not just the name of their latest album

Upon hearing the remaining songs on the album you’ll find that the group is not only joining the parade of artists who have attempted a late career comeback effort (this is not the first time “comeback” and “Ace of Base” have been in the same sentence either) but they are the masters of it.

The group has sold in the millions with every album they’ve released thus far and “Da Capo” promises to continue that trend.

At a time when the music world doesn’t seem to know which way to go as it attempts to downplay the signifcance of manufactured teen pop, while only mildly embracing modern rock and nervously repositioning the importance of hip-hop and R&B, Ace of Base find themselves in a similar position as they did in 1993-1994.

They’ve got a groovy disc filled with compelling work that is unlike a lot of what is being played on radio and in clubs today.

And with a loyal fanbase to help push the album, Ace of Base are poised to impact the international music scene in a dramatic way.

The single “Beautiful Morning” is out this week in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. It goes on sale next week in most of the rest of continental Europe.

The album “Da Capo” is set to be released on September 30th.



Remember The Words

World Down Under

Wonderful Life

What’s The Name Of The Game?

Hey Darling

Samples of some of these songs are available at

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