Ace of Base Launch “Unspeakable” As Next International Single

The song is the leadoff track from the new album, and has already been released in Scandinavia, where the strength of the song in terms of airplay and sales have prompted executives at various Ace of Base record labels to team up to launch “Unspeakable” internationally.

A release of the single is set now for Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and other European territories.

Already the song is out in Sweden, Norway and Finland and many other Eastern European countries where it has snagged numerous #1 rankings on radio station airplay charts. CLICK HERE To See Chart Positions

Next up will be Asian territories where Ace of Base have traditionally been strong.

The song’s overall success will be critical in determining the success of the latest Ace of Base album as record label executives in critical markets such as the UK and the USA will be watching the success of the catchy pop track, its dance remix strength in the clubs and affect on album sales before deciding whether to release the album in these two behemoth territories.

Ace of Base Conquering Europe – North America Plans – New Singles Announced

The successful Ace of Base comeback effort continues to grow in degree and scope.

Their latest album (out in most of Europe this month and in the UK, France and North America later this year or next year) was kicked off with the debut single “Beautiful Morning.” The song is perhaps a safe single choice for a group that has been absent from the world music scene for quite a few years.

But so far the success of the single is astonishing for a pop band that first debuted on the charts ”over 10 years ago”

“Beautiful Morning” seems set to be one of the Top 5 radio singles of the year in Europe based on the incredibly strong radio play it has amassed thus far (for the latest radio airplay for Ace of Base check out and click on “AOB Charting” in the menu bar.)Meanwhile, the group has announced that it is wrapping up discussions with 5 labels to release this new album and represent them in North America.

The album release for North America is set for next year.

Finally, a preliminary decision has been made for the next single to be released from the album “Da Capo.”

In Scandinavia “Unspeakable” has been tentatively selected while in Germany-Switzerland-Austria and other territories represented by Universal Music (Polydor) “The Juvenile” is planned for release once “Beautiful Morning” has run its course on the charts.

Ace of Base Da Capo – Album Tracklisting + Song Clips Revealed!

In music the term “da capo” means to return to the beginning of a section of music.

For Ace of Base “Da Capo” is not just the name of their latest album

Upon hearing the remaining songs on the album you’ll find that the group is not only joining the parade of artists who have attempted a late career comeback effort (this is not the first time “comeback” and “Ace of Base” have been in the same sentence either) but they are the masters of it.

The group has sold in the millions with every album they’ve released thus far and “Da Capo” promises to continue that trend.

At a time when the music world doesn’t seem to know which way to go as it attempts to downplay the signifcance of manufactured teen pop, while only mildly embracing modern rock and nervously repositioning the importance of hip-hop and R&B, Ace of Base find themselves in a similar position as they did in 1993-1994.

They’ve got a groovy disc filled with compelling work that is unlike a lot of what is being played on radio and in clubs today.

And with a loyal fanbase to help push the album, Ace of Base are poised to impact the international music scene in a dramatic way.

The single “Beautiful Morning” is out this week in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. It goes on sale next week in most of the rest of continental Europe.

The album “Da Capo” is set to be released on September 30th.



Remember The Words

World Down Under

Wonderful Life

What’s The Name Of The Game?

Hey Darling

Samples of some of these songs are available at

Ace of Base Climb Radio Charts With “Beautiful Morning”

Ace of Base are turning heads in the music industry as their comeback effort is already surpassing the expectations of critics and fans alike.

On August 5th, the band released their debut single, “Beautiful Morning,” and the song is making serious noise on European radio – finding a home in the Top 20 on an increasing number of stations.

The song was written by band members Jonas, Jenny and Linn Berggren and is from their new album “DaCapo” (the single “Beautiful Morning” goes on sale September 9th with the album “DaCapo” expected to be released on September 30th). To hear the song you can log on to just a little more than two weeks under its belt, “Beautiful Morning” is already Universal Germany’s fastest chart-climbing single of the year. Besides Germany the song is now charting in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Switzerland, Syria and Denmark.

Today Billboard Radio recognized the initial success of the Ace of Base comeback by featuring “Beautiful Morning” as their “Hits of the World” track on their weekly Billboard countdown. It marked the American radio debut for the uplifting pop smash song which combines influences of the band’s previous hits “The Sign” (which soared to #1 across the world in 1994) and “Life is a Flower” (which earned the distinction of being the #1 song for 1998 for all of Europe in both radio and video airplay).

Billboard Senior Editor Chuck Taylor announced to listeners that, ” We think you’ll love ‘Beautiful Morning’ … a fantastic new single.”

[To hear the Billboard Radio program featuring Ace of Base’s comeback logon to and click the “listen here” banner at the top of the page.]

In the coming week the video for “Beautiful Morning” will be sent to radio stations in several European territories.

Ace of Base Launch Comeback with “Beautiful Morning”

Ace of Base are back on European airwaves and how far their success story will carry them in this chapter of their career will depend in large part on the success of the first couple singles off of their new (yet to be named) album.

Today Austria’s Radio O3 debuted the new Ace of Base song, “Beautiful Morning” which was written by Jonas, Jenny and Linn Berggren – all members of the group.

Ace of Base fans around the world clogged Austrian servers as they eagerly awaited hearing the new song. The song is now available for listening at the Ace of Base fan site ::

The track is produced by German Axel Breitung and includes a touch of the classic Ace of Base drumbeat from “All That She Wants” and “The Sign.” More interesting are the soaring lead vocals by Jenny Berggren at the finale of the song which arc above a gospel choir all of which is surrounded by a classic Swedish pop music crescendo.

It is a dramatic and fantastic enough of a finale that should ensure “Beautiful Morning” scores in the Top 20 in scores of European countries.

Right now the band is concluding negotiations to be represented in the United States, Canada and Asia for the new album.

Ace of Base Return to World Pop/Dance Scene in 2002

Ace of Base are making a 2002 comeback with an all new album.

According to a press release at the band’s official website the first single off of the new album is scheduled to be released in July, 2002 to European radio stations. The album is set for European release in Europe in September, 2002.

Following the European releases, the promotional effort for the new album will spread across the world.

The band’s manager, Lasse Karlsson, reports that Ace of Base have thus far worked with German producers Torsten Br√∂tzmann, Axel Breitung and David Brunner, Swedish producers Harry Sommerdahl, Jonas von der Burg, Pontus Soderqvist, Martin Hedstrom and Nick Nice.

At least twelve new tracks will be on the album and the band has already completed a photoshoot for promotional materials.For additional information and continuing updates on the new Ace of Base album log on to